Sunday, May 3, 2009

Shake My Hand

So here is how the whole Black & White Ritual went down:

I brought them to the school. My son came downstairs, then came up to me and hissed,
" You were supposed to have them call me down on the loudspeaker!"
Me: Well, you're here now, so give them out!
Son: Now?? There is no one out in the halls! It's way too early! And you were supposed to have them call me out!
Me: Well, You're here now, so give them out!
Son: NOW??

You get the picture. We finally got past the fact that he missed the announcement part of this routine.

When he got home, he was still wearing his davening jacket. I asked him why he hadn't taken it off.
Me: You wore your jacket all day?
Tefillin Boy: Duh!! That's how everyone knows I put on the Tefillin!
Me: How'd the giving out of the Black & Whites go? What happens, you just hand them out, one at a time?
Tefillin Boy: No way! I don't give them out! That was Chaim's job!
Me: Woah! Aren't they yours to give out?
Horrified Tefillin Boy: I need to keep my hands free to shake! People shake my hand and say Mazel Tov!
Me: Ah. So If you were walking around accepting congratulations, and Chaim gave out the danishes, then what was Yehuda doing?
Tefillin Boy: His job was to keep away people who don't get a B & W, like kids who don't really know me.
Me: the bouncer!

Of course I made him thoroughly wash his hands after all that handshaking. He went to every rebbi he had from Pre 1-A up to this year. And the principals.

He had his moment in the sun, his hour of glory.

What a great tradition!

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