Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mommas Shopping in Rockland Kosher

Rockland Kosher is in what my kids call the Kosher Mall- an indoor mall. But not one with arcades and bars and shops you run past when you go with your teenage sons. It has a shoe store, shoe repair, cell phone store, linen, health food, window coverings, kids clothes, jewelry, nice jewish businesses. And a catering hall.

So often, when a Simcha is over, or winding down, you will see well dressed couples shopping for cereal, bread, milk, and snacks. At 10:00 at night. Which is what I was doing when I saw three such couples. Let me explain that on Thursday nights, this store is filled mainly with men. Almost all Chassidish. That is the bulk of their clientele. But of course everyone is welcome to shop there. (though there is a sign posted requesting appropriate dress; sleeves, no shorts, etc). I am cool with that, they can have their standards. Not all mine, but so what!

But I have a problem with the Hot Mommas who come in after a simcha, wearing their "zonah" shoes with heels that could impale a human being and bleed him to death. And please tell me when the covering your knee standard disappeared? Hello, these are people from the parts of Monsey that are NOT modern orthodox! Whose husbands wear hats and whose kids go to the regular yeshivos here! Whose Bais Medrash boys go to right wing Batei Medrashim! (or will when they are old enough). Maybe I am biased (or do I mean jealous) because if I wore shoes that high I would fall on my face. And my knees aren't my best feature, so I like to keep them neatly covered. It also disturbs me because some of these women are nearing 40! I don't begrudge 40 year old women who look terrific and know how to dress well, not at all! Kol Hakovod! But this is too much a teen age look. For how many years can you STILL be lashing out against your Bais Yaakov Teachers??

I felt sad, more than anything else. I recognized some of the women. and I am pretty sure that a few years ago, their knees were covered. And they didn't wear sleazy shoes.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Obnoxious People

There are some people who are just born, and remain obnoxious all their lives.

They ALWAYS have to make a nasty comment. Or point out something mean, even if everyone knows it and sees it and is aware of it. Count on the petty nasty person to feel the need to express it, verbalize it. This kind of individual probably has a sense of humor, lots of friends, and isn't overtly mean. Just the "shtuching" type.

Like when you are in elementary school, and she announces to the class, "I want to give the Bigmouth Award of the year to XXXX because she clearly wins it in this class!" ha ha ho ho. Let's embarrass someone and see if they laugh at being the butt of your jokes.

But sometimes as this person grows up, they become more subtle. You know the type, don't you? Like, they see you when you are 6 months pregnant and showing, and they say (at a bus stop or on line at PTA), "hey, mazel tov! Now I understand why your daughter told us every Sunday in carpool that you vomit every morning! B'sha'a Tova!". The truth is, people don't know how to react to this.

They enjoy pointing out embarrassing situations, minor faults in your children, etc. etc.

And thankfully, for every stupid person like this, there are handsful of polite, nice, thoughtful individuals who may THINK "about time she put on maternity, she's been green and gagging for four months" but they just focus on the positive and say, Abigezunt!

But perhaps it is healthy to meet up with a person like this every now and then. Because you walk away thinking more carefully about how to talk to people. And thinking about what NOT to say to someone.