Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yummm, Fresh Steak

Bobov slaughtered a cow in their back yard yesterday.

Or so the Journal News reported today. Other reports seem to indicate that the cow was already dead, and some bochrim learning Shechita were "practicing". Though how a dead cow walked out of a van and remained standing and tied to a tree, I don't know.

Gives new meaning to the (I think silly) expression of "so fresh it's still moooving" (sorry, couldn't resist)

But I AM disturbed by the hateful comments of readers on the Journal News website following the article. This is why I think our Monsey community must think hard before doing anything that might break laws, besides the illegality of it, of course.



Anonymous said...

except that there was NOTHING illegal about it, according to the police -- and YET, they did an "investigation" which IS illegal -- to search you must have suspicion of a crime, and if something is not a crime, then privacy trumps neighbor complains. Also, why is every public school allowed to dissect animals and have animal parts around for lab research, while if the Jews do the same, we get smeared by hateful campaigns against us?

citizen of brooklyn north said...

you sound ridiculous. don't compare dissections of an eight inch frog in a science lab with slaughtering a 2000 pound cow in a backyard of a house in a residential area, which by the way is not zoned for a school.