Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I am really concerned about the articles the Journal News publish regarding events and happenings in the Monsey community. None of them make us look good. I think I could live with the offensive reporting (it's actually offensive material to begin with) but I am really disturbed by the hateful comments posted after every article in the on-line Journal News.

The commenters are certainly not the most erudite and sophisticated writers, but they probably represent the average citizen. And those citizens think we have no regard whatsoever for any laws. They think some of our customs are archaic and barbaric.

I can ramble on and on via blogging. But I don't write letters very well. It annoys me that local Rabbonim and Askanim who have good writing skills have not written to defend the beautiful and caring customs that we have in our lives.

But really, what WAS Bobov thinking?

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G6 said...

We are our own worst enemies...