Monday, May 4, 2009

Community Ransom Notes

There are weekly booklets that are mailed or given out in stores with ads in them.

The ads look like ransom notes.

Every line is another font and font size.

Almost never consistent in genre.

I just lose sight of what the ad is, I am both distracted and fascinated by the many fonts.

And little bubbles and stars with information.

And let's not forget the angles of the sentences!

The center headline might be shadowed, arched, and rainbow colors, advertising, say, robes.

Underneath, in gothic style scripts, the brand names of the robes. None, I might add, are gothic style robes.

In a little bubble, comic sans for the store hours (location is rarely printed, only phone numbers).

and of course, at least one grammatical error, or even a spelling one, missed by a spell check because it is "their" for "there"

I don't know why I like living here, I get annoyed about something every day

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Something Different said...

LOL, I just posted about these papers. Monsey's in particular are pretty pathetic and unprofessional. Some make one embarrassed for the English language...