Wednesday, December 17, 2008

You Jews and Your Smelly Chickens

Kapparos in Monsey is more than just about atonement for sins committed. It is a chance for us to show we don't care one whit about what the non jewish people (or non frum) think about us. It is a wonderful oppportunity for some in our community to make a Chillul Hashem big time.

read this article.

Then read the comments.

Why would the organizer leave the site a stinking, filthy mess, and then have the audacity to say
"This year I don't think I should be fined even one cent."?? Compared to last year, when he left the site a stinking filthy mess? The comments last year, after Kapparos, when the newspaper described the stench, filth, and disorder, were hateful comments. And I am NOT one who cries anitsemitism every time jews do something wrong and it is pointed out by other people. But perhaps the time has come for everyone to just go to Brooklyn (where they all came from, anyway) or New Square or Monroe to wave their chickens. Because the guy who runs this business doesn't make any effort to think about going out of his way to clean up the site. At All. And this just incites the residents of Rockland County. Seriously, I cringe whenever there is an article that features a frum Jew in it. And the worst? When they quote him and his English is awful. Like when there was a bear running around on some street, and the more the police asked people to step back, the more family members came out. And threw objects at the bear. And got closer to videotape him. And shouted. How embarrassing.

We have so much we can be proud of. We do so many things that could make a Kiddush Hashem. That's what we need to think of every time something happens here in Brooklyn North.

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