Friday, December 12, 2008

Caged dogs

Even if you hate animals, a story in our local paper this week makes you want to cuddle with a puppy or other fluffy animal.

An elderly woman had more than 20 dogs caged and living in their own feces.
Does she go to jail? Pay a fine? Did she really not know that she was abusing these animals and not caring for them properly? She had once been a breeder of champion dogs, fell on hard times, was reclusive, you get the picture.
So what happens when we get old and we don't realize that the things we used to do well we are now failing at?

The singer who used to hit high notes and now his voice cracks when he gets to the mid note
The energetic grandparent who was full of life and now falls asleep at the table while talking
The academic who loved an argument and now shows a lack of interest in most conversations.

The dog breeder who loves her animals and can't care for them anymore and doesn't realize that she is harming those she used to spend her life caring for.

Will she now be caged herself

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