Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow, Night, Chanuka Lights

Okay, not trying to write a bad Hanukkah song to be sung by some Hollywood grade B actor who remembers he is Jewish in December. But the combination...
We had a lot of snow this past weekend. And it is beautiful, clean, soft, silent, dreamy, celestial. And I went out for a few minutes on Friday night. Very, Very quiet. I could hear the tinkling of frozen branches brushing against each other, and the soft plops of snow falling gently from high points down to lower branches. I understood authors like Chekhov who would write about crisp, biting cold air. It was truly magnificent.
And of course coming home to a warm house with lots of people crowded on the couches reading old TinTin's and Mishpacha magazines.

But Sunday night, that was really beautiful. From outside looking in, the warmth of a home diffused by the candles and oil flames was heartwarming and comforting. Hopefully all children inside, for the first night of Chanuka, anyway, set aside differences and disputes and arguments and friendly (or not so friendly) disagreements and sat huddled together on the couch singing Maoz Tzur and dancing to Al Hanisim (tradition in our home).

And remembering that Chanuka is not about our gifts and parties but about the miracles Hashem constantly performs for us.


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