Sunday, December 14, 2008

I got to her first! I am her bestest friend!

Hey, I know I am cynical, but what's with this new trend of running up to the mother of a chosson or a bar mitvah boy right after he has gotten his aliya? And then all those women standing on line to give the beaming mom a big kiss? Which you aren't supposed to do in shul, anyway, but apparently only I and a friend know that. So when has this become the new way of showing how good a friend of the family you are? What's wrong with waiting until after davening? I don't get it.

But to be honest, I don't get the whole oifruf thing altogether. I know it's something to do with almonds and sweetness ( like prunes, or some old yiddish song in every movie about the lower East Side). But why pelt men who may not even know the chosson and his family? I hate it. And for the rest of davening there are out of control little sticky people running up and down the isle smacking into eachother while their mothers look on fondly (see my post on Tzemach Tzedach, different Simcha, same concept). Or are those moms secretly thinking " I cannot believe these out of control dirty monsters are my offspring, I was a size 4 glamour gal- what the hey happened?"

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