Friday, June 12, 2009

Move over, slaughtered Bobov cow, you ain't got nothin' over MY Bar Mitzvah!

At first I really thought it was the newest fad in themed bar mitzvahs. Have it in a jail. Play Jail House (Schlock) Rock. Eat Key Lime Pie. Give out handcuffs to the kids (uh, maybe not).

Hosting his son's bar mitzvah (and because it was such a success, his daughter's vort a few months later) while in prison. Complete with dancing in the prison gym, a kosher caterer, 60 invited guests, including rabbis, and a Famous Jewish Singer.

okay, I am not one to forgo a business deal, but didn't the caterer, the singer, or the guests have any SHAME AT ALL??? Or like, maybe the wife? or, the convict himself?

This isn't like he was in a hospital bed with a broken hip. Maybe Schwekey thought it was a mitzvah concert, like singers some times do (very generously), when visiting kids l/a in the hospital.
When the prisoner called the caterer, and said to him,

Fraudster:"I am calling from the detention center"
caterer: "never heard of that hall, where in boro park are you?"
F:" Actually I am downtown, bottom of a building, and I want you should cater a small simcha, 60 people"
caterer: "No problem, let's talk menu"
F:" .... and only spoons and forks, because, hold on, what? I CAN have knives? thanks, rabbi! thanks, warden! You fellas are mamesh mentchen. You know how to help sooth the pain and discomfort of being in prison!

did the caterer think to say, "I am not sure I am available on that date"?

What rabbi, singer, or guest would actually attend such an event?

Who would want to say to his children and wife, "guess where I went last night, kinderlach?? A PRISON! That's a building where there are lots and lots of CRIMINALS and people who have broken the LAW!! Some of them have even been running away from the POLICE for almost 20 years! They usually have a law that you aren't allowed to bring in knives, cuz, you know, CRIMINALS and PRISONERS might try to escape by knifing or stabbing a guard!!! Hee Hee!! But I went to a SIMCHA there, and there were TONS of knives, but everyone was smiling and singing and eating, it was so beautiful. IT WAS A KIDDUSH HASHEM!

And if appearances are so important that you have to dress a certain way to make sure people know you are from a particular community, why aren't appearances important so people can see you are from a particular community?

Some of us need to think more about how our actions are being viewed across this country and the world. We are the center of everything, let's act in a way that behooves that reputation.

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