Friday, June 19, 2009

Jewish Snopes

It is time for the Jewish Snopes website.

Topics include:
Hashgacha Pratis Stories. I of course believe in Hashgacha Pratis, I just don't believe that all the stories actually happened the way they are told.

Miracles in Israel. Most include animals or Gilguls.

Shidduchim questions. NEVER once have I been asked about plastic/real dishes or types of underwear worn by boy/girl

add some of your own, please!


G6 said...

I like this idea!
(Though I'm afraid you'll find out that the shidduchim questions are for the most part, sadly, real.... )

Mikeinmidwood said...

How many hashgachah pratis stories about 9/11 do you really belive?

citizen of brooklyn north said...

almost none.

but I am a horrible cynic