Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Of course it has to be McCain

I do not understand any person that is seriously considering voting for someone with no experience and known association with extreme liberal politicians and activists. I don't care about Obama sitting on a board with someone who forty years ago was an urban terrorist. I care about a President who clearly sympathizes with evil people who espouse destruction and annihilation of specific groups.

I don't usually vote for anyone based on their opinion or support of Israel. The fate of that country is in the hands of G-d, and He is the one who controls everything that happens. I cannot understand people who will vote for an American President based on Israel politics. The president we elect will effect us much closer to home - taxes, jobs, etc.

But in this case, Barak Obama's political stance is to me, not just about Israel, but about supporting democracy vs. accomodating terrorists and evil people. It is about being on the side of friends vs. being on the side of people who hate everything American and Western.

America just doesn't get it. You cannot befriend Iran and Syria. You cannot negotiate or peacefully come to any conclusion with them. They hate us and will not change their mindset or opinions. Ever.

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