Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mechitza Pizza and Blah Black

Not sure if my kids coined the phrase, but it is vintage Monsey. The pizza store has a mechitza with separate seating.
housed in Shopper's Haven, known in our house as.....the Kosher Mall.

I think we have become more radical than parts of Brooklyn.

It is the chassidish influence , and the taliban is slowly creeping it's way into our lives here in Brooklyn North.

Teachers telling high school girls to think before buying their winter coats, so they aren't too flashy.
Meaning, make sure they are black, gray, navy, boring, dull, and like ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ELSE.

Weren't there colors (from nature) in the Mishkan? Didn't the Kohain Godol's clothes have color in them?

I wish Jonathan Rosebloom or Rabbi Yaakov Horowitz would write a column about this.

But it isn't as inspiring or life threatening as their usual topics.

Or is it???

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