Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Let's make a real Kiddush for Hashem

I shouldn't admit I look at YWN, but I am a furtive lurker like many others.

The story of the man who got lost in Williamsburg because he had a "Lechayim or two" is sad.

Never mind the fact that this yentish website disseminates gossip and idiotic tidbits claiming to be news.
Never mind the fact that when a woman - usually a rebbitzin- dies they briefly mention her name, and then continue on with her husband's great lineage and yeshiva history.

Ha, Ha, Hee, Hee, he had a little too much to drink! He was Fraylich! OH!! AND he was doing a mitzvah! He was being mesamayach a chusun and kallah. It was for a L'chayim, mammash a mitzva!

If this "news" website wants to be helpful to the "oilam", they should say it like it is.

"A man in Williamsburg got lost last night after sousing himself in the middle of the week and acting like a goyish pig, drinking at a wedding like it was an Irish wake. He wandered the streets of Brooklyn, and wonderful volunteers who don't pass judgement (ahem...) spent the entire night searching for this selfish and out of control adult. "

I am sure his family are so proud of his behavior. A real Kiddush Hashem. (a kiddush? for Hashem? bring out the Grey Goose).


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daughtersintheparsha said...

it's a real issue. it starts when there are little house kiddushim with the fathers and sons going after shul, or slipping a little "bromf" in the kitchen at the shul kiddush. then dad returns home red eyed, sons stagger home a bit too fraylech, and so begins the descent into social drinking. which used to be the domain of gentiles, exclusively (listen to Jackie Mason)