Monday, September 15, 2008

you're not from brooklyn

I was in Brooklyn and looking for a store, so I stopped a blond wigged woman and asked her if she knew where it was. She turned to me and smiled as I said "excuse me, " (huh? she smiled?) and posed my query. She laughed and said, "Oh, I am not from Brooklyn, I'm from Cleveland, I don't know where anything is". end of story.

Observation: She had color in her outfit, she smiled at me, and she maintained eye contact. Her eyes didn't disdainfully roam over my outfit, I didn't get the "I can barely tolerate breathing near you" look.

You know what? I knew she was from out of town. She was friendly.

Do the people on the streets of Boro Park think it is classy and sophisticated to ignore people while staring at them? This is not a new topic, but it slams you in the face like a door swiftly shut by a fuming teenager.

I was glad to get home north, even if many of them are moving up here. Perhaps the fresh air will mitigate the unpleasant atmosphere surrounding the rude people who live in brooklyn.

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