Saturday, September 13, 2008

No bikes in the shtetl

Williamsburg residents have been protesting the construction of bike lanes on some of the major streets in their community. They don't like the way the bikers (read: women) dress when biking.
More bike lanes means more immodestly dressed women in their neighborhood. And the local population want Williamsburg to remain a shtetl. I think they will get what they want out of the local government. It probably depends upon how organized the bike riders and non frum of the community can be to counter protest.
Would it be so bad if they get what they want? Isn't that what elected officials are for? To enact laws and fullfill the wishes of the people who voted for them? Other minority communities know how to protest and stand up for what they want, why should this group be different?

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Anonymous said...

yikes think that will come to monsey we already have enough rules