Saturday, September 20, 2008

Dads need not attend

Is this Monsey madness, Bais Yaakovs in general, or the chumra clubs newest essential rule?

Dads are not invited to attend school orientations. The female teachers are uncomfortable speaking in front of men. Never mind that most of the men gave up a shiur, came home early, rescheduled a meeting to show interest in their daughter's education. Every man is attributed with the worst possible thoughts, and women are unable speak in front of them.

How many men have you ever seen at an orientation? A classroom full, standing room only? Or every little desk filled with men cramming their knees uncomfortably under a shelf? I've only seen (in the years before the ban) men who do the homework with their children, men who are in charge, fathers who care about their daughters' education.

How stupid of the teachers and principals to continue to develop rules and regulations that alienate parents.

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