Monday, April 20, 2009

Why I Love Costco

I feel like I am feeding my family very healthy stuff when I walk out of Costco with $85 worth of fruits and vegetables. Huge boxes of strawberries, bright green aspargi, oversized pineapples, and large boxes of grape tomatoes. And the six heads of Romaine lettuce (a bit too buggy, I think I might buy a light box).

But my favorite part of Costco?

When you go there in the rain, the little guy standing at the door gives you a paper towel to wipe down the bar of the wagon.

Such a thoughtful touch.

They could run a chinese action!

And on the last (or first) page, where all the thank yous and kvelling is listed:

And a big big huge Yasher Koach to Mike, without whom our hands would be wet and slimy and our wagons cold and wet! Your thoughtful touch is what made a mediocre shopping trip into something magnificent and truly amazing!! May you be Zoche to always be available to help the Klal with the small things that mean SO MUCH!!!!!!!


Something Different said...

You missed the best part. Glad you did, cuz I have been planning a post on the topic... ;)

Mikeinmidwood said...

and whom would this mike may be? (is it me? I have been known to help the klal)

citizen of brooklyn north said...

the short guy who stands at the door. usually has a mustache. and here in Brooklyn North, not EVERY store is jewish owned or staffed.

and SD, if you mean the free food, it's rarely cholov yisroel. and if it is parve, it almost always has crab or shrimp on it somewhere.

Something Different said...

nah, its something else. I needa go there to be able to post about it properly...