Monday, March 30, 2009


thanks, sporadic, super, and sally. you're words are encouraging.

how do you balance cleaning out the house of all food that is chometz, while providing enough food for the huge appetites of everyone who is home from school and yeshiva? And in my house, the girls eat, too!

I do NOT want to be like the women I meet in the isles of Wesley Kosher who kvetch and sigh VERY loudly,
"OY! all my bochrim are home! Actually, I barely see them (hee hee). They roll out of bed for the late minyan, and then boruch hashem have a learning seder, and after that they raid the fridge! I am glad they are home but OY!! They ate a whole cake and kugel that I already made for Pesach!"

Everyone's in the same boat, lady. Boil up lots of noodles.


G6 said...

I knew you'd be back ;)
You have too much of a need to be heard ;) ;)
But who knew you'd be back in such top form?
Excellent post... "boil up a pot of noodles" ROTFL.....

citizen of brooklyn north said...

oy, I'm so predictable?

Mikeinmidwood said...

Im in middle of linking you in a post I did yesterday.